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This ensemble is a harmonious blend of soulful R&B rhythms and electrifying guitar work, courtesy of C-U’s very own Paul Mock. The band exudes a sense of fun and personability that’s hard to resist. At the forefront are the incredibly talented singer, Jadah DeAnna-Nicole, and the charismatic “Haki” (Drake Materre), who not only plays the keys but also lends his voice to the mix. Their chemistry is off the charts, creating a dynamic stage presence that captivates the audience. And let’s not forget the “rizz” — that indefinable quality of excitement and flair — that each member brings to the performance. The only downside? The set was too short, leaving everyone craving more of their unique musical blend. (KL)”

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Haki N Dem

Band Bio

Haki N’ Dem (Demonstrators) is an exceptional R&B/soul group hailing from Champaign-Urbana and Chicago, led by the immensely talented young musician Haki (Drake Materre), who not only dazzles with his incredible vocals but also showcases his mastery of multiple instruments. Alongside Haki, Haki N Dem features piano, vocals, bass, drums, trumpet, saxophone, and guitar, delivering a funky, neo-soul experience reminiscent of the legendary of influences of Prince, Earth Wind and Fire, and Sly and the Family Stone. Featuring political and social elements, Haki N Dem creates and performs a wide variety of music that encapsulates themes such as race, love, addiction, police brutality, change and spirituality. Haki N Dem strives to fulfill the mission of lending their artistry for activism to become Prodigy SAINTS: young and talented students against inner-city negligence toward society.


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